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Adding a Redwood Deck to Your Home

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Any homeowner knows: if you’re going to put the “sweat equity” into a project by doing it yourself, you’d better 1) get to enjoy that improvement for yourself, and 2) see a boost to your home’s overall market value. A […] Read More »

DIY: How To Update Your Kitchen On A Budget

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If there’s one thing homebuyers love, it’s an updated kitchen. Adding new features and amenities to the kitchen make it more marketable, increase value to your property, and improve your day-to-day life. Even if you don’t plan to list your […] Read More »

Create a DIY Cat Scratch House

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Owning a cat is filled with little surprises—like coming home and discovering that the arms of your favorite wingback chair have been shredded, or that a treasured votive holder has fallen and shattered in your kitty’s quest for the perfect […] Read More »