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Amanda spends her weekdays working as an editor for NRHA and her weekends working on d-i-y projects for the home she shares with her husband, Evan. Located in a suburb just north of Indianapolis, the home is their first, so many of the projects they work on to beautify it are firsts for them, too. She loves searching for new d-i-y blogs to follow and is addicted to Pinterest, so her project list is always growing.

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Dressing Up a Mantel

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The mantel is the focal point in most living rooms, including ours. Our mantel also happens to have a flat-panel TV above it, which is functional and makes sense for when we’re relaxing on the couch but doesn’t do much […] Read More »

Bookcase Makeover

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bookcase makeover - feature
My husband and I could not have been more excited to move into our very first home earlier this summer. After living in his parents’ basement for the better part of a year while saving up for the down payment, […] Read More »