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Charlie Jourdain is president of the California Redwood Association. Founded in 1916, the California Redwood Association is one of the oldest trade associations in the lumber industry. From the very beginning, the association’s primary mission has been to promote redwood products and educate builders and consumers on the advantages of using redwood. To learn more about redwoods, visit the CRA at

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Adding a Redwood Deck to Your Home

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Any homeowner knows: if you’re going to put the “sweat equity” into a project by doing it yourself, you’d better 1) get to enjoy that improvement for yourself, and 2) see a boost to your home’s overall market value. A […] Read More »

Deck Maintenance Made Easier with Redwood

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Redwood is one of nature’s low-maintenance building materials, with unparalleled natural resistance to insects and decay—and fire. Year after year, redwood’s beauty endures. And even better, it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to maintain your redwood’s natural […] Read More »