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Emily Harper is an environmental and sustainability advocate and a writer. She runs the blog Follow her @emilyharper80.

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Eight Creative Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades

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The kitchen cabinet is usually regarded for its practical use, not for its decorative purpose. Because of this, a lot of homeowners tend to neglect remodeling their old kitchen cabinets, which is a shame because great-looking cabinets can actually improve […] Read More »

Never Keep These 5 Things In Your Bathroom

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Whether you have a hoarding tendency or a busy enough life that you unknowingly have insignificant things you still keep in your condo or home bathroom, it is interesting to look at the piles culled out from people’s bathrooms after […] Read More »

How It Works: Sustainable Smart Homes

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With the advancement in technology, building automation has successfully extended its presence in the household. From the centralized control of lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning appliances to door security systems, home automation, also dubbed as “smart homes,” provide improved convenience, comfort, […] Read More »