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During the spring of 2012, I had the urge to start a vegetable garden. From my first bean plant, which perished prematurely when I was six, to my little pine tree, which didn’t survive the first three months in my college dorm room, I’ve wanted to prove that I inherited my Grandpa Mount’s green thumb. Even though I chose to start my garden during the longest drought in Indiana history in decades, my plants managed to produce a few tomatoes and radishes. This gave me the motivational drive to do what I can to learn gardening.

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From Eyesore to Wondrous Walk-by

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From Eyesore to Wondrous Walk-by: Feature
Several years ago, we cut the bottom branches off our pine tree by our driveway so that we could see oncoming traffic. During that time, weeds have collected underneath, adding to the tree’s embarrassment. Even our neighbor across the street […] Read More »

Misty white mold in my garden

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I recently started a vegetable garden using potting soil and organic blood meal. Things were going well until a week after transplanting them. The outside temperature suddenly plummeted and I was forced to keep them inside for a week. I […] Read More »

Valentine’s Day Fruit Bouquet

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Valentine's Day Fruit Bouquet - feature
I wanted to make my mother something special for Valentine’s Day to show my appreciation. Fruit bouquets are a fresh new idea, but I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money that I don’t have on a service, so […] Read More »

The Garden Arranging Game Plan

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Garden Arranging Game Plan Feature
…Yeah, gardens are nice to look at… …but let’s spice it up a bit! Here are a few guidelines that should give your yard the pizzazz it needs to stand out successfully: Color Coordinate Don’t stick a flower in the ground just […] Read More »