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Lynnea works as a graphic designer for NRHA and is an avid DIYer in her free time. Working for NRHA has given her the opportunity to broaden her creativity with endless DIY resources. She always has a list of ongoing DIY projects that explore new and innovative techniques. After recently moving into a new apartment, she enjoys looking for original projects to reinvent her new space. As a designer she is constantly searching for fun ideas to make ordinary items extraordinary.

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Mirror Frame: Do It Yourself

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Framed Mirror - Featured
After living in my apartment for several months now, my walls were still pretty bare. I wanted to put up a nice framed mirror to make my living room area seem a little larger, but I hadn’t found any that […] Read More »

Magnetic Robots

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Magnetic Robots - Featured
One of the recent activities for one of the groups at my family’s daycare was to create magnetic robots. This activity takes no time to set up, but provides hours of fun for the kids. With the help of friends […] Read More »

Recycled Whirligig

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Ever wonder what to do with all those empty water bottles? Why not recycle them into fun colorful whirligigs for the yard? Not only are you helping protect the environment, but it’s a great project the kids will enjoy, too! […] Read More »

Pallet-Inspired Coat Rack

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Anyone who has been to my apartment knows I have a slight obsession with wooden pallets. I can’t help it. I just love the rustic feel of them; I think they can make great sturdy décor pieces. Last fall, I […] Read More »

An Easy Handmade Parachute Project for Kids

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Handmade Parachute Project for Kids
My family owns a childcare center so we are always coming up with creative craft projects for the kids. This particular project focused on teaching the kids about flight. Each child decorated and put together a parachute. The only supplies […] Read More »

A Rustic Holiday Wreath

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Rustic Holiday Wreath - Finished
I am a big fan of rustic décor and like to incorporate that feel into my decorations, especially with the holidays just around the corner. The wreath is a symbol of unity, and at a time of the year when […] Read More »

A Festive Holiday Centerpiece

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Festive Holiday Centerpiece
I just moved into an apartment recently and as the holidays approach I’m eager to entertain my friends and family at my new place. Decorating on a budget is key, but I also want to convey a sense of quality. […] Read More »