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The Yard Makeover Contest

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Yard Makeover Contest - Feature
Outdoors Enthusiasts…here’s a chance for your hard work to pay off! Proud of your peonies? Crazy about your koi pond? Raving about your roses? Finally found the mulch, rock or pavers you love? Here’s a great opportunity to tell us […] Read More »

Contest: DIY With Dear Ole Dad

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In honor of Father’s Day, would like for you to tell us about your most memorable DIY project with your Father!  Have the two of you spent time building a tree house, deck or room addition?  Perhaps together you […] Read More »

I Love My Local Hardware Store Contest

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I Love My Hardware Store Contest - thumbnail
Here’s a great opportunity to show us why you LOVE your local independent hardware store! Do they carry great products, or maybe helped you finish a challenging DIY project?  Have they made recommendations or offered alternative solutions? In 100 words […] Read More »

Chain Saw Safety

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  If you live on a property with many trees, you most likely have or will receive some storm damage from a falling branch or tree. This video from STIHL will educate you in evaluating the damage and how to […] Read More »

Pruning Around Your Property

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STIHL Pruning Tree
  This helpful video explains the basics of pruning: Identifying the plant or tree you want to prune, why you should prune, when to prune, the tools you should use and finally how to prune. Helpful tips like the 3 […] Read More »

How to Start A STIHL Blower

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STIHL Leaf Blower
  The STIHL How-To Series gives you tips and general advice on how to operate and maintain your STIHL power tools. In this video, we show you how to properly and safely start your STIHL blower that have the simplified […] Read More »

How to Install EZ Slide Cabinet Hardware

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  EZ Slide Cabinet Hardware is the cost-effective slide on Cabinet Handle that installs without messy drilling. Our two product lines are made with durable recycled material, both plastic and aluminum. Our recycled aluminum handles are made in the USA. […] Read More »