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Weatherproofing Your Home – Attics

Weather Proofing Your Home Attic - Feature
In this final segment of our 3-part home weatherization series, we’ll be up in the attic preparing to add a layer of insulation. But before we start, we’ll be taking measures to make sure our insulation can achieve its maximum […] Read More »

Weatherproofing Your Home – Basements

Weatherproofing Your Home: Basement - Feature
In this second segment in our 3-part series, we’re going to focus on two key areas in the basement that are prone to leaking air. First, we’ll seal up those leaky ducts that carry conditioned air throughout your home. Then, […] Read More »

Fall Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care - Feature
When it comes to taking care of your lawn, fall presents one of the best opportunities throughout the year. First, the fall fertilizer application is the most important feeding you can give your lawn to help it withstand winter and […] Read More »