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Increase Your Luck with a Festive Clover Paperweight!

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This March 17th, many of us will be celebrating the luck of the Irish and hoping for a little of our own! One of my favorite good luck symbols on this day is the clover, but the clover is worth your love for more than just a day. Keep the clover close year-round with a fun and easy-to-make paperweight.

Working with resin is simple, and projects like these are really inexpensive. Trust me. Once you do one resin project, you’re going to be hooked! Here is what you’re going to need:

  • Resin kit
  • Silicone mold
  • Fun items to add to the mix!

st patricks day crafts

Step One:  Preparing the Resin

Your resin kit is going to come in two parts. Part 1 is the resin and Part 2 is the hardener. Carefully measure out each in equal quantities and pour them into a container. Mix with a wooden dowel or stick for two minutes, then you’re ready to go!

resin for paperweight

mixing resin for paperweight  

Step Two:  Adding the Materials

One of the coolest things about working with resin is all the great stuff you can add to it to make a fun project. For my project, I chose to add glitter to one mold and green glass pieces to the other. Clovers, leaves, jewelry, fabric, pictures, and even candy are a fun addition to any project like this!

materials for diy paperweight

Step Three:  Pouring the Forms 

Many craft shops sell molds that are specifically made for resin projects. There are even kits to make your own. However, I love the shapes that come in the silicone molds used to make cookies, chocolate, and cupcakes. In the spirit of the holiday, I chose to use a clover-shaped mold, but you should feel free to be creative and use whatever shape attracts you. Plus, the variety of silicone molds available opens up a world of resin possibilities!

shamrock paperweights

Step Four:  Letting it Cure

Resin needs to set up for between 24 to 48 hours before you release it from your mold. Early on in the curing process, you’ll notice the resin becomes hot to the touch. This is where you’ll thank yourself for not using thin plastic as a fun addition to your project, as it has a tendency to warp or melt. During this time, you may also notice that some items shift around in the resin as bubbles rise to the surface. A sewing pin is a great tool to quickly move your trinkets into position and even pop a few annoying bubbles while you’re at it.

DIY paperweight  

Step Five:  Releasing the Mold

Once your resin has had time to cure, it’s time to release the mold. The silicone won’t bond with the resin, so this process is as simple as just pushing up from the bottom. Your paperweight will pop out, and voila, it’s ready to use!

st patricks day craft

st patrick's day crafts



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