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Paint Chip Artwork

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Since I’ve become a new homeowner, it has been difficult for me to find the time for big drawn out projects. Let’s face it, by the time I get home from work the activity that appeals most to me is laying on the couch and my weekends are filled with yard work that I never had to consider when I lived in an apartment.  One of my biggest projects that I’ve taken on was painting almost every wall in my house, but that was finished prior to moving in and now all I’m left with is decorating and pillow making. Now is the time for a frame gallery and wall décor crusade.

During the time I had to choose colors for the interior walls of my house I collected a sea of paint chips. I loved all the different colors but what was I supposed to do with them after I made my choices and painted everything?

Paint Chip selection

Now, I’m not a hoarder but I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. They were all colors that I liked but just did make the cut, so what was I to do with them? It was time for a short and sweet project, that’s what! I searched the internet for inspiration but I ended up with a simple arrangement. I was fairly short on time as it always seems to be for me, so a 30 minute project was in the works.

I found a frame that I had hung next to my front door that didn’t have a picture in it and removed the backing.


I had arranged my paint chips several ways before I ended on the design I liked. I’m fairly simple and I like clean lines, so I decided a layered stripe pattern would be the best for me. I organized my colors into an order that placed lighter colors in with some of the darker colors to help them really pop and slowly fed them into the back of my picture frame.

Paint chip art 1

After every few chips were added I secured their placement with tape and when I was done I had a nice little piece of homemade artwork.

Paint chip artwork final

I decided that the room I like the most in my house happens to have a fireplace where I’ve painted the surrounding wall in an accent gray color. This little chip art will now live on my mantle so that I can enjoy all the colors I liked but never made the cut. Everybody wins!

Paint chip art on fireplace


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My name is Jessica, and I am a DIY junkie. I love to repurpose everyday items to use as interesting and unique artwork as well as remodel the spaces in my home. After being a truck driver during the recession, I felt it was time to settle down and build a space for myself. Now I work full time in healthcare, I’m a newlywed, and with my husband, we operate a lifestyle and DIY blog for fun at Oh, and my dog helps too by modeling in most of my photos. He enjoys the camera a bit more than I think he should.

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