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DIY Easy Faux Painting

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Maintaining a good-looking home means that you need to clean it regularly, as well as renovate it from time to time in order to keep its fresh appearance. Even though the cleaning is very important for the extending of the life of your real estate property, the occasional improving of the interior design is also necessary. It’s still not too late to make some changes in your house or apartment before the winter. After you are done with the extensive cleaning of your home, you can think about a repainting or decorating of the walls and other parts of your place.

If you want to renew the look of the walls in some of the premises of your property but you want to use something different than ordinary paint, try a faux painting technique. Through these methods, you can achieve an unique effect that will transform the walls and the whole room. The best thing about the faux painting is that it looks interesting when you’re finished and doesn’t require professional skills to do. You can do it yourself with the help of some materials that are inexpensive and easy to find.

easy faux painting

Through faux painting, you can give to you walls a more modern look, which will create the felling of a weathered surface. Unlike the ordinary painting, this technique involves the inflicting of various glazes which, when combined together, can give to any wall a more extraordinary look. In this article, we will explain a few of the most common faux painting techniques that you can use for your DIY project. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, consider trying one of the following methods:

  • Sponging – For this technique, you will need some extra tools, along with a paint color of your choosing. A bigger sponge and a brush will be enough for the successful completion of this project. Once you prepare the materials, you have to apply the base coat and let it dry for 24 hours. After that you can take the sponge, which you’ve previously dipped into water, and put some glaze on it with the paint brush. Then start pressing the sponge onto the wall, until it is covered entirely with beautiful shapes. Don’t forget to clean the wall perfectly. If you are not able, you could hire a company like Shiny Carpet Cleaning Fortis Green, which will do that cleaning for you.
  • Ragging and rag-rolling – This technique is very similar to the sponging, with the difference being that, instead of a sponge, you will use a wet rag. In order to create different patterns, you can refold the rag before the new applying of the glaze. For the rag-rolling method, you can fold the piece of fabric in the shape of a sausage and roll it down the wall to create an unusual effect.
  • Dragging – Use a longer dragging brush to draw lines horizontally or vertically. It is important to know what kind of effect you want to achieve, so try to imagine in advance which shape will look better on your wall. This technique can be also applied on wooden surfaces.
  • Stippling – Make sure you find a larger stippling brush with ends you can dip into the glaze. Then, apply the material to the wall. Try not to drag the brush but only move it up and down along the surface of the wall.

With these easy faux painting techniques, you will create the most unusual shapes and effects, which will drastically change the appearance of the room you are renovating. After only a couple of days, you will have a better-looking home that you improved all by yourself. Some faux painting techniques can be used also for freshening up furniture and other objects in your home.

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    DIY easy faux painting is the easiest way to add an aged look to any room. This process is quick and simple and can be done on almost any surface.

  7. Faux painting, also known as decorative painting, drive mad is a technique used to create the illusion of texture, depth, and dimension on walls, furniture, and other surfaces. With a few simple steps, you can create a faux painting effect that looks like real wood, stone, or other materials.

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