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9 Essential Guidelines To Redecorating Your Home

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Helen Rowland once said, “Home is any four walls that enclose the right person,” thus the right person must take full responsibility of his home, including maintenance and redecorating. In 2013, Houzz and Home survey revealed more than 100,000 people believe home renovations will make a huge comeback. Accordingly, the number of U.S. Houzz users in favor of redecorating has increased to 12 percent.

9 Essential Guidelines To Redecorating Your Home

Photo by Eric Allix Rogers via Flickr

Indeed, some people still find redecorating exceptionally hard. Having spent your entire life on something that brings so many memories, it can be quite hard. Others love the idea but delay the process because of financial reasons. If you think about it, there are also ton of reasons to redecorate. However, it’s possible to redecorate your home in a way that’s cheap, fun, and exciting! Check out these nine essential tips to spruce up your home:

1. Start off with a home evaluation.

Look around you, then ask yourself, “Do I really need to renovate?” Don’t think of excuses to renovate your home. Check the current condition of the pieces of furniture and the overall look of your house. Take down notes and identify which project you want to tackle first.

2.  Know what you want.

Choose and plan your dream home. If you already have a thought in mind, know what needs to be bought and what needs to be improved. Look online for some current and trendy house designs, and look through designer’s magazines to look for ideas of furniture you may want to put into your home. Visit your local home improvement store to learn more about trends and materials required for projects you’re planning to do.

3. Seek an expert’s advice.

Combine the two lists that you made and consult an expert. If it’s about reconstruction and materials, talk to an architect and engineer. But if you are only looking at redesigning your home aesthetics, speak with an interior designer.

4. Reuse your old stuff.

It’s not wise to spend money on new things every time you decide on home renovation. You have to learn how to make good use of your current stuff. You may try repainting it or refurbishing it, but replacing it? Not always a good idea. Try moving picture frames and other artwork from one room into another, or restaining or repainting a piece of furniture that needs freshening up. But know when something needs to be thrown away; you wouldn’t want a pile of garbage stuck in your new home, would you?

5. Shop for your own.

Make sure you know what to buy before you start shopping. Have a list of the furniture pieces you’re looking for, or if you’re taking on a DIY project, know what materials you need. and where to buy it. Consider working with an interior designer if you want some suggestions or feedback about an idea before you head to the store. If you’re doing a DIY project, stop by your local hardware store to get all the materials (and employee knowledge!) you need.

9 Essential Guidelines To Redecorating Your Home

Photo by Nick Kenrick via Flickr

6. Stick to your budget.

Make sure  you have set a budget for renovating your home. Having a budget limit helps you, your designer, or your architect measure the extent of your home design. But, just to be sure, make room for an allowance or emergency money if ever you cross the border of your budget. Fret no more, because there are plenty of quick, creative, and frugal ideas of how to redecorate your home that will help keep you on budget.

7. Set a timeline.

Think of it as a project that needs to be done ASAP—it’s your home anyway. You’ll want to get the work done in a timely manner, because it’s no fun living in a construction zone or half-finished room.

9 Essential Guidelines To Redecorating Your Home

Photo by Wendy via Flickr

8. Find a place nearby.

If you’re doing a bigger renovation, you may choose to stay somewhere else while the work is being completed. Whether it’s a hotel or a family member or friend’s spare room, try to stay somewhere not too far from your house so it’s easy for you get to your home each day to do the work or check in on any pros you may have had to call in for the project.

9. Notice the little things.

After the home renovation is done, do a final check of the work. If you hired any professionals, now is the time to ask them any final questions. If it’s work you did yourself, make sure you’ve taken care of any finishing touches. You’ve spent time and money on this work and want to make sure it’s done just as you had envisioned.

So have you decided to try adding some spice to those four walls? These nine tips should help you make some decisions about what projects you want to try and how to best go about completing them.

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