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Genius Ways To Disaster-Proof your Home

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Natural and man-made disasters may strike any time, without warning, and destroy your home without mercy. 2011 was the year the United States government set the historical record for disaster alerts, as reported by News Wire Publications, LLC. The publication further reported that each disaster was valued at approximately $12 billion in damage, meaning a total overall damage value for all the disasters in 2011 accounted for about $52 billion.

Disaster-proofing your home enables you to avoid the worst possible outcomes, such as fatalities and material losses. Preparing your home in advance to withstand the terrible effects disasters bring relieves you of procrastination, enabling you to efficiently take the necessary actions to ensure your home is ready to battle the impending doom.

Put Extra Space To Good Use

Learn to think outside the box when conceptualizing steps to disaster-proof your house. Power outages that can extend to longer periods of time is a common occurrence when typhoons, hurricanes or earthquakes strike. Living without power particularly becomes a problem when the weather is too hot or too cold.

Make use of your vacant freezer space to freeze water when power is not available. If it’s extremely hot when there is no power, put ice from your freezer in a bag and use it to cool off, since fans and air-conditioning won’t work. It may help you avoid heat stroke, too.

Save Yourself From Getting Trapped

It’s important to know how to get out of your house if you find yourself in a disaster situation. For example, you can escape from through your garage if other entrances are blocked. Be aware of the location of the manual release lever in your garage and learn how to operate it.

You’ll need to prepare for disasters by thinking and acting quickly during unexpected emergencies, in order to spare yourself from injuries and fatalities. Thinking and acting slowly put you at greater risk.

Cord Your Landline Phones

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Widen your action plan as to how to disaster-proof your family homes by thinking about all of the possible events that may accompany a disaster.

For example, a cordless phone and mobile phone may not charge, and subsequently, lose signal during and after a catastrophe. That’s where a landline may come in handy. Make use of home designs that are disaster-proof, such as corded landlines. You’ll obviously need to call 911 for help as the situation becomes treacherous, so make sure your phone is up and ready for an outgoing call at any time.

Unplug Your Generator

While a generator is helpful if power goes out, be sure to keep it safe from water.When it’s not in use, make sure your generator is unplugged to prevent water from seeping in through it and breaking it. Refer to this disaster preparedness guide to learn more.

Regular Home Inspection Is Necessary

Disaster-proof your home by conducting regular home inspections. And if you need help moving some things around to make your home safer, don’t hesitate to ask a neighbor for help.

Don’t Forget About Flood Insurance

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In order to make your house disaster resistant, you must have an adequate support, in case you lose any material possessions. Get flood insurance to guarantee coverage of any valuables you may lose after a catastrophe strikes.

Outdoor Security Minimizes Losses

To guarantee natural disaster proofing of your home, secure outdoor items, such as playground equipments, bicycles, and backyard benches. When outdoor equipment hits your home structure, it may cause damage to your home, so do your best to avoid it by fully securing these items outside, especially if a storm is expected to come through soon.

Shield Your Home With Storm Shutters

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An essential is to invest a little money to purchase accessories that can provide additional support in disaster-proofing your home. Storm shutters don’t cost a lot. These sturdy shutters shield your home from getting destroyed by strong wind and rain and keep your home in one piece without damage, even after the storm.

Don’t always expect things to go as smoothly as you’d like. Always be on guard when it comes to protecting your home safety, rather than having regrets later on. You and your family will benefit from your efforts to plan ahead and take steps to keep your home safe.

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