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Turn Your Garage Into A Home Office

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Have you ever thought about turning the garage you’ve haven’t used for a long time into something useful? If you work at home, instead of leaving your garage vacant, why not consider turning it into a home office?

Fuel price increases, attributed to record-breaking world oil prices, have popularized telecommuting or work-from-home options among many professionals. By remodeling your garage and turning it into a home office with utmost care, the new space in your home can conjure up a seamless finish. Remodeling can take, at most, as little as a few weeks.

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Creativity is Key for the Perfect Remodel

A concrete floor, overhead lighting, and garage doors are common accessories of a garage. To allow your garage have a 360-degree turnaround, replace your concrete flooring with hardwood floors. Give your garage a fresh, clean look by painting it in light colors. Apply a quick coat paint on your garage’s door to create a professional look, and to welcome clients. However, remember to be modest and avoid grandiosity in remodeling your garage; as you know, driveways are highways of burglars. Apply creativity when remodeling, but also don’t fail to retain simplicity in all of your design concepts.

Make Space for Your Tools

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You usually treat your garage as a one-size-fits-all thing. Anybody can easily spot Christmas ornaments and the 20 paint cans you stored a long time ago for future home improvement projects cluttering your garage. Make room for your essential office tools by clearing up the unnecessary clutter. Creating and managing the extra space yourself gives you such a personalized feeling while working in your new home office that you won’t even feel like your office used to be a garage.

Cozy Yet Productive

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Of course, garages don’t adapt to year-round living suitability, so you’ll need to incorporate appropriate methods of heating and cooling so you don’t get too cold during the winters, nor deal with excessive heat in the summer while working in your garage. If you’re going to use your garage as your home office for a long time, you may want to put efforts in to wiring your home to enable the temperature of your garage, and even your driveway, to perfectly match that of the rest of your home. Adapting easily and cheaply to the changing temperatures outside is easy. Warm yourself up with a portable space heater when winter comes, and cool yourself up with a fan and a portable air conditioner when the season turns into summer.

Gleam With Productivity

Garages usually have few or no windows, at all. If you have the resources, you may consider placing windows or skylights on your garage. Putting some windows in your garage-turned-home-office will boost the structural design of your work space. Prior to building windows in your garage, check first the local building ordinances that rule over the sizing and construction of these windows. Secure the locks in your new windows to keep away intruders and avoid incidents of burglary. Cover your windows with dark colored brown or black curtains to conceal your valuables in your home office.

You may want to use lamps on your desk, and also in other parts of your home office, too, in lieu of natural lighting, which can be a little pricey, considering you don’t have a window in your garage. If you wish to use regular lighting, however, choose lights that don’t emanate excessive brightness. One of the items listed on the burglar’s guide in robbing your home is when your light is too bright. And if you’ve installed windows in your garage, burglars may easily get a glimpse of the possessions inside that can tempt them even more to rob you. Therefore, maintain a low profile.

Add A Personal Touch

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Sure, an ergonomic chair and desk look prettier, but why not take pride in designing your very own home office? Complement your home office with an entertaining area, complete with a sofa, loveseat, and entertainment system. Give your home office a perfect look by adding some extra decorative stuff like throw rugs, framed pictures, and pillows.

Your garage might be the last thing you’d consider as a home office. Feel free to think of your garage as a blank canvas that you can design any way you’d like. Don’t forget to safeguard your home office’s safety, since your garage is one of the first rooms in your house an intruder can easily access. Install an alarm system by your garage’s door for additional protection when nobody is around your home office. Don’t risk inviting in an intruder, particularly at night, when everybody is sound asleep.

Connection Challenges

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Install a router to produce a wireless network within the premises of your home to spread accessibility of your existing connection. One of the virtual managers’ mistakes is thinking they know everything there is to know about managing their home office. Don’t fall into the trap of making this avoidable mistake. Hire an architect or a general contractor to help you position your new equipment and avoid cluttering your home office with extension cords everywhere.

Bang for the Buck

HVAC, insulation, plumbing and electrical costs can rack up huge garage conversion bills. Plus, you’ll also need to deal with expenses in relation to flooring, walls, built-in cabinetry, lighting fixtures, and furniture, among others, on top of these costs. It is perfectly understandable that you’ll want to minimize your garage’s conversion bills; however, you need to make sure you still burglar-proof your home office in the process.

Incorporate great landscaping around your garage to provide a desirable connection from the street to your office. Engage in consultations with a professional organizer who can advise you of what you need to do with the extra stuff you don’t need that’s taking up too much space in your garage.

Heads Up for Your Ceiling Height

You may stretch the ceiling’s height as long as your garage stands on your own or does not have any additional floors in it. Add a feel of spaciousness to your office by structuring a vaulted ceiling on it.

Be practical and wise. Convert your unused garage to your home office to save you the hassle of locating a new office space. Looking for a new office can make you incur a lot of expenses. You’d find your garage, when converted smartly, would also serve as a good office, just as a brand-new office would.

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