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Simple Steps for the Perfect Exercise Room

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No matter what type of exercise routine you like to carry out, it is going to be a lot better for you if you do it in a specially adapted room.

the perfect exercise room

Sure, working out in the bedroom or living room is OK, but having a place to go specifically for this reason could give you a great incentive to become more active and enjoy your workouts more. If you are keen to get started and do the work yourself, then here are some of the most important points to bear in mind.

Get the Right Lighting

exercise room lighting

Getting the right level of lighting is vitally important for any home exercise room. Different people like to light their rooms differently and the type of exercise you do will also affect how bright you want the room. This means that you might be best fitting a dimmer switch. By doing this you can turn down the setting to something more soothing and relaxing when you are doing an exercise like yoga but turn it up when you are on the treadmill or lifting weights. Since most exercise rooms don’t have tables to put lamps on, you will probably want to concentrate on wall and ceiling lighting. If you want a really classy and inspiring look, you could consider some vintage industrial lighting pieces. Steering away from standard, unimaginative light fixtures will help add some interest and style to the room. If you can find a way of adding more natural light into the room, then that’s a great idea, as it will help stimulate you and keep you active and alert for longer.

Add Some Music or Videos

We all know working out is fantastic for our bodies and minds, so why is it that many people get started with the best of intentions but end up just giving up? One of the biggest reasons is that you can get bored pretty easily if you are just working out with nothing else to focus on. A simple yet effective move is to add some music to the room. This could be as simple as putting a couple of speakers up on the wall and the music system in a corner. You might also want to add a big screen to the wall if you want to watch some videos. This might seem like cheating, but most of us find  we work out for more time and in a happier frame of mind if we do it while we watch or listen to something that interests us. As the DIY jobs involved in adding some entertainment to your exercise room aren’t very complex, this is something you should certainly give a try if you think you might get bored otherwise.

Choose an Appropriate Colour

Some colours are better than others when it comes to exercises rooms. For example, if you are going to be doing the type of exercise that requires relaxation and meditation, like yoga, then you might want a calming blue look to the room. Orange is said to be a good choice for giving you energy for a tough workout, while green gives a good balance between relaxation and concentration and has proved to be very effective in some studies of people doing exercises. Don’t forget lighter colours can make a small, crowded room appear bigger. Once you have painted the walls, you can always add a mirror to one of them if you feel it looks too cramped. Also, changing the colour of the walls isn’t going to be a huge job for you in the future, so if you feel that the ambience isn’t right for you, then this should be the first thing you think about changing.

Soundproof It

There are two very good reasons for soundproofing your exercise room. The first and most obvious one is to avoid annoying other people in the house. Even if you don’t think you are making a lot of noise in there, it could be that your family members find it difficult to concentrate on other things while you are thumping or banging away in your room. The other issue is that you might want to block outside noises from coming in. This is most likely to be an issue for you if you are planning on carrying out spiritual exercises in which meditating and enjoying peace and calm are vitally important. Soundproofing a room isn’t as big a job as you might think, but it will still cost some money and take a bit of time. For these reasons, you might want to try out your new exercise room before you go ahead and do this job.

Control the Temperature  

temperature control for exercise room

Being able to work out in the right sort of environment also extends to the temperature of the room. If it is too cold in there, you run the risk of getting sick or straining muscles before you get properly warmed up. Working out in very hot conditions also carries a number of risks, as your body could overheat while you are exercising. It’s important that you can control the temperature of the room effectively. Simply opening the window is often the best solution and won’t give you any work to do. Otherwise, you might want to think about adding an air conditioning unit in there.

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