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Top 5 DIY Home Decor Tips

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Turn on your TV or open a magazine, and, sooner or later, you’re going to see the thing everybody everywhere is talking about these days: DIY home projects. No matter what your skill level or experience, there are always fun, fresh projects you can tackle that will easily breathe new life into your living space. Are you looking for your next inspiration? Ready to take on a weekend project and update your home? If so, here’s a look at five great DIY home decor tips worth testing. When you’re looking for a unique way to decorate and improve your property, try these.


Create a Gallery Wall

Have a large, open wall you don’t know what to do with? Wondering how to make your home office a little less bland? Consider this: Anybody can hang a frame on the wall, but when you create a gallery, you create an eye-catching artistic feature that adds incredible visual interest and appeal. To make the most of this concept, find a way to make the different gallery components cohesive, the way designer Michael Garvey did over a desk space—pick frames all or mostly in the same color, use the same mats, go for the same style or something else. Buy your frames first, and then print images or photographs to put inside. You might also want to map arrangements on the wall using pieces of paper and tape before hanging everything.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Designed to circulate heating in winter and, once the blades are reversed, cool air in the summer, ceiling fans are not only good for your home’s efficiency, but they’re also a nice way to add style to a room. Take your pick of traditional, vintage or modern styles on the market today to put your own decorating stamp on the project.

Paint Vinyl Bathroom Floors

Have old floors in the bathroom that you hate but aren’t ready to replace? Here’s an idea to try in the meantime—clean, sand, prime, paint and seal them to completely change your bathroom’s look. Particularly when you paint dingy brown floors a light, bright color, you won’t believe the difference this DIY project can make. It’s also “about a hundred times more fun than painting a wall,” according to the blogger at View Along the Way, “because you just pour paint right on the floor and roll it around.”

Create a Nook, Office or Seat in an Alcove

Have a closet you never use or an alcove by a window that wastes space? Do something about it by adding a nook, desk area or window seat that boosts functionality. In an empty closet, remove the doors and take out the hanging rod, paint the walls and install shelving—one for a desk area and some above that for storage. For a nook or window seat, add plywood seating to create a little space to sit, topped by cushions and pillows as you like.

Paint Outside Brick

Here’s a powerful DIY project for anyone who has an older, more dated single-family home: paint the exterior. Painted brick is an especially popular upgrade these days, whether you transform a dated red-brick look into a bright, white one or a sleek and stylish dark gray. Start by pressure washing all the walls to remove years of dirt and other grime, then repair any damaged surfaces and remove loose paint. Protect windows, doors and anything else you don’t want to get painted, and get a paint sprayer to start working. You usually won’t need a primer when you’re going with a new color. When you’re done, your home will have loads of fresh curb appeal and be a standout on its block.

As the above projects demonstrate, when you have a little time on your hands and the willingness to get your hands dirty, there’s no limit to the ways you can update and upgrade your home. Use the ideas above to get inspired for your next DIY project—and keep making your living space more and more your own. Over the course of a few years, your home will keep evolving and becoming a space you love.

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    I really like your tip about creating a gallery wall when it comes to decorating your home. We have been thinking about redecorating for a while now so we will have to keep these tips in mind. We are really excited to look at some different ideas and get the process started, thank you for sharing!

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    Thank you for this article. Its very good

  5. I really like your tip about creating a nook, office or seat in an alcove in your home. I never thought about using a closet that you don’t use to do that! We have one in our living room so I think it would be a great candidate for your idea. We will have to keep our eyes open for some decor that would work with that idea. I’ll have to do some research about some different options and get the measurements for the closet. Thanks for sharing!

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  17. Zoey Carter says:

    I was just looking for some motivational/inspirational advice. I moved into this cool apartment nearly a year ago and still have not had time to get it the way I want it. In fact, I still have a few unpacked boxes lying around. I have a lot of good ideas on what I want to do but just can never seem to execute them because I’m busy, broke or whatever. Should making a more livable/organized, and pretty apartment be a priority in my life? Has anyone overcome a similar problem and then felt their life change after they got a better organized and decorated home? How can I find the energy and motivation to do this because I do want my apartment to be more welcoming…so I can invite friends and family over? I know part of the problem is that I work two jobs and I am kind of broke. Your thoughts….

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