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Fairy Gardens – Create An Inviting Space For Fairies With Your Child

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An Inviting Space for a Fairy - The Magic Onion

Image by The Magic Onions

My neighbor’s daughter walked over while I was examining my tragically wilted potato plant. “Whatcha doin’?” she asked.  Oh, you know… just failing at gardening. I simply told her I was pretending to be a doctor of a vegetable hospital. She reflects upon this for a moment, then looks up at me. I thought something profound would pour from her lips, but instead:  “You wanna see my new fairy garden?”

Ella’s been on this fairy garden frenzy for over a year now.  She has about ten pots around her house outside. Apparently, this is becoming a popular hobby amongst the four-to-eight-year-old population out there. It’s certainly a less expensive hobby than collecting American Girl dolls (Kirsten’s my favorite!). Plus, it provides some mother-daughter bonding time.

An Inviting Space for a Fairy - Ella's Garden

Ella’s most recent fairy garden creation

What is a fairy garden, you ask? It’s a small collection of nature arranged in a way to look like a home for little flying people.  Some popular items to use are sticks, moss, pebbles and small ferns. The best part is that you can reuse old items, such as broken pots, to create this little safe haven.

An Inviting Space for a Fairy - beach garden

Image by Miniature Garden Shoppe

Most local garden centers sell tiny furniture and accessories to complete the look. Frazee Gardens hosts classes where you can build a fairy garden within an hour. That’s another perk: fairy gardens can take 10 minutes or an entire afternoon. It all depends on how creative you want to get.

If you’re searching for something quick, easy and fun to do with your child, you should definitely consider taking on fairy gardening. WARNING: your child may become addicted to this hobby!

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