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The Trick to a Well-Designed Bathroom

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Heather Cleveland Piedmont Bathroom - Feature

Designing is fun, but it can also be a lot of work!

I often find that many of the clients that come to me have thought a lot about what they like and want but have gotten stuck with how to proceed. The world of tiles, plumbing, fixtures, counter tops and lighting loses it’s charm when you have to start crunching numbers-and I don’t mean figuring out how much things cost! Figuring out the square footage needed for a tile design that has several different tile sizes and shapes in it can be confusing at best, and an expensive problem if the footage was miscalculated at it’s worst.

This is where someone like me comes in. We have done it all before and can bring the fun back into a project. Take the example of the bathroom that I have included images of for this post. These clients are very clear on what they like, and they actually agree with each other as well! (A rare find)

As soon as they started to think about how to implement all the things they knew they liked, they were ready to hit the panic button. After our initial meeting, I was able to put together some plans, pull some samples of tiles, fixtures, counter top surfaces etc. and presented them to the clients. They were over the moon, it was fun again!  How did I come to make the decisions I did and how were they implemented?

One very important tool I use is the internet. I find images that create a certain mood or feel that I am after and then get to work tailoring that for each individual client. The owners of this bathroom have very modern, simple taste but do not want things to feel too sterile. The way I was able to produce that balance was to use modern finishes and product but in warmer tones of brown, taupe and a less stark white. Muted finishes for the fixtures and a balance of smaller mosaic tiles coupled with over sized field tiles in the shower keep the eye interested but not distracted. I also always try and have one element that is a real stunner, something that gives the room it’s “wow” factor. In this bathroom, I chose very high end sink fixtures that really take your breath away. This is complimented by subtle details like raising the wall mirrors from the wall by 3/4” in order to give more depth and dimension.

So, the trick to a well designed bathroom (or kitchen, as they have so many of the same elements) is to have obvious show stoppers, subtle layers of added dimension and a balanced variety of textures, finishes and layers. I hope this leaves you feeling inspired for your next project. And don’t worry, its just design!

Piedmont Bathroom by Organized Interiors - Photo 1

Piedmont Bathroom by Organized Interiors - Photo 2

Piedmont Bathroom by Organized Interiors - Photo 3

Piedmont Bathroom by Organized Interiors - Photo 4

Piedmont Bathroom by Organized Interiors - Photo 5

Piedmont Bathroom by Organized Interiors - Photo 6

Piedmont Bathroom by Organized Interiors - Photo 7

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Heather Cleveland has been a residential interior designer in the SF Bay Area for over 15 years. She works with clients of all budgets and collaborates closely with her clients to include them in all aspects of the process. Having spent four years managing the kitchen design department at IKEA Emeryville, Heather brings a unique knowledge of kitchen design for every budget. In 2003 she founded Organized Interiors and has practiced as Principal of that firm since.

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  1. Diane says:

    Wow. Thank you Heather for a very nice article. And the bathroom design is so amazing. I would love to make our bathroom just like in your article.

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  3. This is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your design tips.

  4. This is great advice! Very honest and practical.I really enjoyed this post.Nice post!! these tips may help Great post.

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