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Decorative Storage Box

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If you have visited any store that sells decorative items, I’m certain you’ve probably seen the paper- or fabric-covered storage boxes you can buy to hide your junk from your guests while presenting an organized and fashionable image at the same time.  I really like the look and the functionality, but there is just some gene in my system that prevents me from spending $20 or more on something that was probably produced for less than $3.

A similar look can be achieved by making one of these boxes yourself, using items that most of us have around our homes anyway.  You will need a shoebox with a lid, a pair of scissors, wrapping paper or fabric, and a general adhesive.  A drop cloth (or an inexpensive plastic-coated tablecloth) is also good to have as it keeps the adhesive off of your work surface, especially if you use spray adhesive like I did.

The steps are fairly simple; if you’re relatively decent at wrapping a gift box, you can do this project.  Frankly, I stink at wrapping presents (I prefer gift bags), but even I found this easy.  My biggest problems were the wind and my attention-seeking dogs!


Materials List:

  • Adhesive (spray or a thinned-out liquid glue)
  • Wrapping paper or fabric – enough to cover entire box (exterior and interior) plus extra to match patterns or to cover up minor errors
  •  An empty shoe box
  • Scissors
  • Drop cloth to protect work surface


  • Set up your work station in a well-ventilated area.
  • Lay out the cover material and set the box on top to begin measuring for cuts (note: you will be wrapping the box bottom and lid separately unless the box is hinged).
  • Wrap the exterior of the box with the cover material, bringing the material over the edges of the box and into the interior.
  • Cut the material to fit the interior sides and bottom of the box to obtain a finished look.
  • Repeat the last two steps for the box lid, making certain to line up patterns between the box and lid as needed.
  • Allow both the top and bottom to dry thoroughly before storing items inside or before putting the lid back onto the box.

Finished Decorative Box

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