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From A Pup’s Perspective: Kula Belle Discovers Everything

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Kula Dog

At this point in my brief life – 5.3 months to be exact – I’m a newbie, and I guess you could say, pretty much everything in my world is new!  So far:  my “first” mom had four legs and blonde hair, nothing at all like my “new” mom.  My previous home had eight of us running around. But where I live now, I’m top dog … the only dog … the top banana … queen of the castle, unless you count the cat who lives outdoors and really isn’t like me at all. But that’s a totally different chapter that I’ll fill you in on later.

Yep, everything is new, new, new … new neighbors, new sights, new smells, new toys, new things to eat, plenty of new things to chew and destroy.  And speaking of chewing … I have new teeth! I’m not sure what happened to the old ones. I think maybe I ate them? I have a new crate, new friends, new vet (I LOVE Dr. Matt). I could go on, but you get the idea.  The world is my squeaky toy!

Because I am little, but growing, Mom has done some not necessarily new, but very neat things that have helped me adjust to my new life. For instance, when I get excited and can’t settle down because, well who knows why, mom will scratch my ears and immediately it calms me. My tummy feels better when she puts a dab of cooked pumpkin or cottage cheese in my food, gives me ice cubes when it’s hot, and has helped keep those pesky fleas off me by adding brewer’s yeast to my chow.

I don’t know what that is, but it sure keeps me from scratching!

She feeds me oyster crackers as treats (says they are less calories than most other treats. I don’t know what a calorie is either but heard her and Dr. Matt talking about them. And she buys great food that has a lot of good stuff in it but a lot of bad stuff not in it. There’s lots of other examples I can give you, but the best part about all of this is when she goes to the hardware, farm supply or pet store to get most of the important stuff I need to stay healthy, I get to go along. They’ve got the coolest products in very large sections of their stores!

But right now, I think the very best part about being brand new is my name … Kula Belle. I love hearing it … well except when mom calls it while reaching for the newspaper! Uh oh, I think I better get my paws off Moms iPad for now. I need to explain why the toilet paper is all over the bathroom.  What’s a nuisance anyway?

Anyone else have new puppy tips, products and experiences you’d like to share?  Kula and I would love to hear from you!

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Kula Belle
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Kula Belle is a young golden retriever “D.I.T.” (dog in training) who lives in Avon, Indiana with her person, Marci Taschler who is the Marketing Manager at North American Retail Hardware Association, and who helps her with spelling and grammar. In addition to writing her blog, Kula Belle enjoys spending her days chewing up things, eating, napping, playing with toys and barking at the garbage men. She recently celebrated her first birthday.

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