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Kula Belle Learns Health & Safety Lessons From Her First Christmas – A Pup’s Perspective

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Kula Belle - Holiday Health Safety Tips

As I write this, I have to admit that I am simply exhausted!  My first holiday has now come and gone and whoa… did I learn a lot!  Trees, lights, decorations, tasty ‘people food’, pretty plants, a strange man with a beard, presents! snow, pictures, presents! and so much more great stuff. My head (or should I say tail?) is still spinning but I am going to try to remember all the things Mom taught me about the holidays.

One day before Christmas, Mom returned home from shopping at her favorite local hardware store with bags of holiday items. As she unloaded a lot of good stuff, I quickly learned the following are critical to my overall health and safety:

  • No chewing on the lights, ornaments or any singing stuffed animals;
  • No snacking on the poinsettias, Christmas cactus, mistletoe or holly;
  • No sneaking bites of people, food and drink – especially chocolate, onions and raisins – no chewing on bones or tinfoil;
  • No licking outlets or chewing on electrical cords;
  • No chasing other animals up the artificial tree or drinking from the new tree stand;
  • No jumping on the recently replaced countertops;
  • No presents/toys that I can swallow or destroy easily;
  • No candles, fireplace or liquid pot pourri;
  • No nipping at Santa’s beard or any other part of him for that matter;
  • No leaving my crate without permission; and I’d like to add –
  • No eating the yellow snow!

Well, I have to admit that’s a lot of holiday rules to remember but they are actually important to practice all year round. I’m still learning and don’t know everything yet, but I do know how important it is that your ‘person’ is aware of these potential threats and acts accordingly to protect and keep us pets safe so that we live a long and healthy life!

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Kula Belle
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Kula Belle is a young golden retriever “D.I.T.” (dog in training) who lives in Avon, Indiana with her person, Marci Taschler who is the Marketing Manager at North American Retail Hardware Association, and who helps her with spelling and grammar. In addition to writing her blog, Kula Belle enjoys spending her days chewing up things, eating, napping, playing with toys and barking at the garbage men. She recently celebrated her first birthday.

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