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Kula Belle Rounds a Corner…in a BIG Way

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Kula Belle Rounds a Corner - Feature

The month of April was very exciting because you could say that I “rounded a corner” in a couple of different ways. Let’s start with the good.

Simply put, I recently celebrated my first birthday! Several humans, including my mom, weren’t betting on me (and neither was I), but miraculously I made it. Rounded a corner, hit the big one, another year older—my day in the sun. And, it started out great. Mom put a Happy Birthday scarf and hat on me (the hat had to go) so that everyone on our walk that day knew it was my day. Many stopped to comment on how cute I looked and how big I am getting. Blah, blah… human speak… where are the treats? Next Mom gave me a great gift—a huge bone stuffed with peanut butter. Now I knew she made a trip to the home center store the day before and I smelled something in the sack. But I had no idea that gift was for me! I started chewing the moment I got it, and haven’t put it down since. The rest of the day brought treats, a nap, a romp with a playmate, another walk and a delicious dinner consisting of kibble, cottage cheese and a hard-boiled egg. You could say that my birthday was going really well until…. let’s just say that I messed up. There it is—I confess. My exuberance and verve got the best of me yet again.

Most would agree, it wasn’t the worst thing I have done in my lone year on earth, but it sure was a doozy! I don’t know what a doozy is, but Mom didn’t look happy when she uttered the word. It seems that as I was galloping through the house with my new birthday present in my mouth, I rounded a corner (yes, two in one day!) and took part of the wood outside corner trim with me. Don’t know how or why it happened—just snapped like a chip. Next thing I knew, I was in my crate, which was fine, because I was tired, and Mom was on her way to the hardware store to buy a piece of outside corner trim and wood stain. A few hours later I returned to the chaos I created where I got a good look at Mom’s DIY project. She had stained the wood, applied some polyurethane and measured twice and cut once. (I don’t know what that means either, but I heard her say that all good carpenters live by the mantra.) Problem solved. Her work was done, but I think that mine is just beginning. If I understand it, I am going to school…. which is someplace close… I think it’s just down the street…. and very possibly right around another corner.

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Kula Belle
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Kula Belle is a young golden retriever “D.I.T.” (dog in training) who lives in Avon, Indiana with her person, Marci Taschler who is the Marketing Manager at North American Retail Hardware Association, and who helps her with spelling and grammar. In addition to writing her blog, Kula Belle enjoys spending her days chewing up things, eating, napping, playing with toys and barking at the garbage men. She recently celebrated her first birthday.

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