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Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

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Expecting overnight guests during the holiday season? Here are a few ways to make them feel welcome.

Start with the entrance. Make sure your home makes guests feel welcome as soon as they walk in. A wreath on the front door and a festive rug in the foyer will do just that.

preparing your home for holiday guests

Clean it up. Make sure to thoroughly clean the bedroom and bathroom they’ll be using. Besides dusting and vacuuming, be sure the bed has clean sheets and that you leave them some clean towels. Make room in the closet for them to hang clothes. In the bathroom, clear out some room on a shelf or in a drawer for toiletries they will bring, and make sure they can easily find necessities like toilet paper and tissues.

Put together a basket of everything they’ll need. Small bottles of shampoo and conditioner (samples from hotels work well), a bar of scented soap, and a washcloth in a decorative basket is not only functional but looks nice when sitting on the bathroom counter. If you have any extra travel-size toiletries, add those, too, for the guest who may have forgotten their toothbrush or toothpaste.

how to prepare your home for holiday guests

Make the guest room feel more homey. Leave a throw at the end of their bed in case they get cold in the middle of the night, and leave a couple of books on the nightstand for some reading before bed. Don’t forget a nightlight for guests who are unfamiliar with your home and may get up in the middle of the night.

Add a little holiday décor to their room. The fun decorations don’t have to stop at the common areas of your home. Put a small poinsettia or a vase with some pine swatches or pinecones on the nightstand in your guest bedroom or on the counter in the guest bathroom. If your guest is a relative, such as a sibling or cousin you grew up with, display a holiday photo or decoration that reminds you both of celebrating the holidays together growing up.

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