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Start Making Christmas Decorations for Next Year

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Even when the Christmas is over and you are finished with all the preparations around gifts and decorations, it’s not too soon to think about next year, especially since wrapping paper, ornaments, Christmas craft supplies and more on are sale (sometimes deeply discounted) right after the holidays. What better way to beat the winter blues than picking up some discounted materials and making Christmas decorations for next year?

When it comes to Christmas decorations, there’s a wide range of choices that you can find in any store. However, as you know, buying new decorations can affect your Christmas budget. To avoid spending a significant amount of money on these preparations, here are a few ideas for some great frugal Christmas decorations that you can start making now, so you’ll be a step ahead when Christmas rolls around next year, as well as some tips on what to do with your Christmas decorations after the holidays end.

Save time and money by making Christmas decorations for next year now, when you have a little time after the holidays and many materials are on sale.

Create Your Perfect Mistletoe

If you want to make your own mistletoe, it’s easy to do. All you need is a fabric pencil, felt, red ribbon, and small faux pearls for decor. Find a template and use it to cut the mistletoe. Arrange the pearls and use a hot glue gun to glue them in place, then add the ribbon. Try putting together mistletoe as gifts for family or friends, or even consider making the pieces to sell around the holidays.

Make Wonderful and Sparkling Pine Cones For Every Occasion

You have probably seen pine cones in many Christmas decorations displays, arranged in a diverse way and combined with different Christmas toys. If you want to use your own pine cones to decorate your house for the holidays, try dipping them in paint (depending on your preferences you can put either the whole pine cone or just some parts of it) or make them sparkle with a mixture of glue, glitter and water. You can put them on the Christmas tree, or you can fill bowls and baskets, combining them with other Christmas decor. The pine cones also serve as ideal decoration for many types of occasions, so use your imagination and place the pine cones in all rooms.

Create a Calendar for All Holidays

You may want your own Advent calendar for Christmas, by why not create one that works year-round? First, find an old frame with a metallic base. Create signs for each month and add some gold, silver and neutral ornaments for the holidays to make the calendar look stylish and joyful. Then mark all the holidays that are important to you and leave the calendar in a visible place in your living room.

These are some of ideas for DIY Christmas decorations that are easy to make and can save you some money. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be very creative, don’t hesitate to try making a few of these!

After the end of the Christmas holidays, clean them carefully and then pack them away in a cool, dry place to preserve them for next year. It’s easy to create the perfect holiday atmosphere in your home—or for your friends and relatives who receive these as gifts from you.

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