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How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain – STIHL


Your saw chain will require sharpening from time to time. What this video from STIHL on how to properly inspect your chain for wear and tear and how to sharpen the blades safely and correctly.

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40 responses to “How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain – STIHL”

  1. Mike George says:

    Thanks sharing such a effective video.

  2. Chelsea says:

    Mike I’m fully agree with you.

  3. Melissa says:

    This is innovative content on chainsaw, like it.

  4. Patricia Russell says:

    This is such a perfect video for sharpening.

  5. This video helps me lot to sharpen my chainsaw smartly. Thanks for providing such a excellent video.

  6. Excellent video and effective for chainsaw user.

  7. Julia Baker says:

    Perfect tutorial for sharpening.

  8. Cater Velvet says:

    Which chainsaw brand is best for indoor work?

    • L S P says:

      Operating a chainsaw indoors can be hazardous with gasoline saws. Don’t operate gas chainsaws indoors. Chainsaws that are electric or battery powered may be used indoors.

      Gas chainsaws produce carbon monoxide — a deadly gas, odorless and tasteless. Have adequate outside ventilation.

  9. Thanks for the video on chainsaw sharpening. Not only are sharper chains easier to run, they’re safer: less likely to grab or kick, take less effort to make a cut.

  10. I am so confused about how can I remove and Install a new chainsaw chain on my electric chainsaws. I found useful information on this topic. Thank you for posting relative information and it’s now becoming easier to solve my issue

  11. Allen.A says:

    I did not have any idea about the chainsaw. How to use it. But after watching the video I got an idea. Thank you for sharing your video

  12. Alen says:

    I agree with you!

  13. This is an important video for the chainsaw. After watching this video, I came to know how to use it. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  14. Paige Jirsa says:

    Cool and resourceful video! Great tutorial!

  15. JacobMason says:

    How do you choose the best choose the best product among the ones listed here?

  16. nathan says:

    such a perfect video for sharpening.

  17. RossJonnes says:

    Among the products mentioned on the list, which one is the best?

  18. Maria says:

    Great video for sharping.

  19. thanks for sharing the video . the video seems nice.

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