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Sanding Irregular Surfaces

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Sanding irregular and uneven surfaces can sometimes be a problem. Corners and grooves can be extremely difficult to reach with a flat piece of sandpaper. For sanding irregular edges of table tops, chair legs, etc., use a deck of cards as the sanding block. The cards and sandpaper will adjust to the contour of the surface you are sanding. This makes a sanding block that is quite flexible, yet provides a firm base for holding the sandpaper against a curved surface.

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4 responses to “Sanding Irregular Surfaces”

  1. Great information, Thanks for the easy to understand advice. John 🙂

  2. Jolie Wang says:

    Wow. Really easy but efficient method for sanding irregular surfaces. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep posting!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m doing some research on sanding. I have some DIY projects to do. You post really help me so much.

  4. Great idea! I will repair my house according to your ideas. Thank you for sharing!

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