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Brass Bed Revamp

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When I moved into my downtown apartment I was so excited to get new furniture and decorate the entire place from floor to ceiling. After I paid the deposit, first month’s rent and utilities I realized my budget for new furniture was slim to none.

After browsing around for used furniture I found a really classy, old brass bed for $40. After I picked up the bed, I stopped by my local hardware store and grabbed some steel wool, mineral spirits, self-etching primer, painter’s tape and oil-based spray paint that could be used on metal.

I sprayed the bed off with the hose and grabbed a handful of steel wool and dabbed it with mineral spirits and wiped the headboard and footboard to remove any dirt and scratch up the surface enough for the paint to stick.

After letting it dry I wrapped anything I didn’t want painted with painters tape. This particular bed had white ceramic balls that I didn’t want to paint so I put tape on them.

primer primer2
I used a can of self-etching primer to paint the first coat on the bed.
After it was dry, I used two cans of oil-based turquoise spray paint and covered the entire surface a couple times.


I let that set overnight until it was completely dry and set. I then mixed up an oil-based white paint/mineral spirits mixture using one part paint, four parts spirits and used a rag to wipe a thin white coat over the paint to give it an antique, white-washed look. I wanted a good mix of turquoise and white so I applied two coats of white wash.

After it dried completely, I put it together and added a bedspread and about 79 pillows and it looks great. Now, if I could just keep the dogs off the bed it would look pretty all the time!

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Whitney Daulton
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Whitney is the art director at NRHA and oversees the development, branding and design for all of the association’s magazines, marketing campaigns and websites. She spends a lot of time with her staff looking for new ideas to keep the association up to speed with the latest design trends and technology. She enjoys spending time in the cultural district, downtown Indianapolis finding unique items at small shops, trying local restaurants and biking or walking her two small dogs on the trails around the city. Her love of downtown convinced her to move into a vintage townhouse apartment with her best friend just a couple blocks from her favorite shops in the area. Living so close to shopping and fine dining has made a dent in her budget, but Whitney still looks for ways to make her apartment warm and inviting. White walls are forbidden in her household, so she has been using her weekends to update the apartment without spending a lot of money and sticking to the boundaries of her lease agreement. Not always easy. She believes that color and style are the keys to a happy, comfortable home!

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3 responses to “Brass Bed Revamp”

  1. Raymond Greene says:

    Love your ideas…I’m in the market for brass head/foot boards…If you have any, or know of any, please let me know.


  2. Jeanne says:

    Hi ! Love your headboard – what type of paint did you use for the Turquoise ? White?

    I have brass and want to convert to shappy chic


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