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Keeping Paint out of the Rim of the Can

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Paint always seems to build up in the lid groove on the can during every painting job. This often causes paint to run down the side of the can. You can eliminate this problem by punching several holes in the lid groove with a 4 or 6 penny nail . These holes permit the paint to drain back into the can each time it accumulates in the lid groove. These holes in no way affect the resealing of the can, since the lid seals by pressure on the sides of the groove rather than on the bottom.

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9 responses to “Keeping Paint out of the Rim of the Can”

  1. jajabink says:

    will the paint dry it the pin holes are exposed it air?, i take it that the holes will be covered or blocked.

  2. jim says:

    Those holes bypass the inner rim seal, and the paint will dry out.
    The outer rim is not part of the seal.

  3. Michael says:

    This is glad I found such a good trick. I will follow what you say..

  4. james says:

    Hello, I don’t know if this trick works or not but the easiest way to keep paint out of the rim of a can is to take your paint brush and swipe it around the lip a couple times allowing the paint to roll off the inner top lip and back into the paint can. If you do this immediately after pouring or every once in a while while brushing out of the can you will not have any excess paint problems in the rim. Also take your brush and wipe it off on the inner lip a couple of times and use it to spread out and runs on the outside of the can immediately after pouring. This will cause the paint on the outside of the can to dry fast and not allow it to run down the side of the can. I painted for a living in the past. Thanks and good luck.

  5. Eric Richardson says:

    To help save your paint tray and for fast easy clean up place your paint tray inside a plastic trash bag with a loose tied knot once you’re done painting untie the the knot and turn bag inside out and you’re ready to discard the bag and dried paint while saving your tray

  6. cliff says:

    You only need 3-5 holes, and yes, the paint will dry out eventually.

  7. Sameer sharma says:

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  8. produkey says:

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