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How To Install Wall-Mounted Bookshelves

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Wall-mounted bookshelves will save you a lot of space in your rooms. Many people think that creating their own bookshelves is difficult task, but you just need good instructions. Such shelves can be a great addition to your room when they are situated in the right place.

Read on to learn how to make your own wall-mounted bookshelves, which will add function and an interesting piece of decor to your home.

Decide which Option You Prefer For The Wall-Mounted Bookshelves

You have two options when you decide to install a bookshelf. You can install adjustable shelves that you can move to fit your needs. The other option is to use shelves that cannot be adjusted once you screw them in the wall.

Simple Steps to Follow

After you have decided whether you want fixed bookshelf or you prefer the adjustable ones, it’s time to get started. You’ll need to decide which wall you want to mount the shelves on and how many shelves you want to install.

Here are some major steps to consider when installing the wall-mounted bookshelves:

  • Look for the studs in the walls, as this will be the safest place to install the brackets.
  • If there aren’t any studs where the shelf should be mounted, you will need bolts or mounting anchors to hold the shelf. Visit your local hardware store to find different options for bolts and anchors. Consider the total weight of books and items you will place on the bookshelves when you select your anchors.
  • Mark the holes where the screws will go, then drill a hole for the first. Make sure holes are lined up correctly so all shelves will be level.
  • Once you get all the support brackets in place, it’s time to add the pieces of shelving.
  • Once the shelving is completed, fill your new shelves with books and any pieces of decor.

Make sure to use high-quality products for your project to ensure your shelves last a long time. Wall-mounted bookshelves are attractive solution for arranging your books, and they make for a quick and easy DIY project. They’re also affordable, and once you know how to install them, it won’t take long for you to complete this project.

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